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About Me

Hi! I've been sewing and quilting most of my life. At 9 I started making clothes for the 4-H Fashion show and really wish I had a photo of the snazzy yellow outfit I made one year. At 15 my parents got this crazy idea that they should take the book and gift shop they owned and expand to sewing supplies because the Joann's in town was going out of business. Quickly it became a quilt shop and I became a quilter. My favorite part was helping customers pick out colors. I've never been afraid of color. 

Twenty years later, after putting in my time working for social services agencies and running drug courts, I decided I was done and wanted to do something creative. So here I am doing it! 

My style is colorful, contrasting and fun, like the cats and cute talking mushroom stuff I have in the shop. I threw out most of the quilting rules years ago. I love to create without a plan, improvisationally sewing all sorts of bits of fabric together to see what comes of it. Also, I believe that the stuff you use everyday should be pretty, should bring you joy. Life is short, buy the pretty oven mitt. Make the coasters you already have to use more exciting. 

I do take creative commissions, though it pays to be patient as sometimes I'm pretty busy with holiday orders or upcoming art fairs. Nothing personal, but I'm not going to hem your pants or make a basic T-shirt quilt. But I sure would love to figure out a custom table runner or wall hanging for you. Hit me up at the Contact Me section on the left side navigation menu.