Hi! If you bought something from me, first of all, thank you! Next, you may be wondering how to use and care for that item. Here are some tips.

Washability generally - today's quilt fabrics are made much more colorfast than they used to. Color leaching should not be an issue. If you're worried then wash with like colors together for the first wash or two or use Shout color catcher sheets for the first wash. Batik fabrics 

Microwave Bowl Cozies - CARE- to be honest, I just wash mine with my regular laundry. You can do better than me and wash them on gentle and air dry over an upside down bowl. USE - these are intended for reheating stuff in the microwave, so please limit use to 2-3 minutes.

Table Runners, Oven Mitts, Pot Holders, Blankets - it's best to wash on gentle and dry on a low heat. Line drying large quilts can put stress on the stitching. 

Wall Hangings - I try not to wash a wall hanging if at all possible. I like the fun crinkly look washing gives quilts but not on something I'm hanging on the wall. Instead i'll wipe with a dry rag and/or use a lint roller on it. 

Key chains, lanyards, wristlets and pouches should not be washed as it will damage hardware.